Oct 22, 2010

Traffic maniacs!!!

Well first off, let's just say i'm a little pissed right now, and i know this post will be kinda hateful, but please let me apologize from the start.

First off there's different types of traffic maniacs. first i wanna tell you about the old people! Some of the old people who's driving in the traffic, is just way dangerous, because they can't seem to hear or see. When an old man or woman comes up to an intersection, and just begins to drive, without noticing other cars, and the other people will have a heart attack because that there is a car just in front of them, which wasn't there before. I really don't like when this happens! I've experienced this a lot of times, when I'm driving. It have nothing against old people, but sometimes, they need to wake up, and see what's going on.

another type of traffic maniacs is people who got way bigger engines that they are supposed to have! or just drives without any thinking at all... look at these guys for example!

Big engine guys example:

of cause there are a lot of great drivers out there, i just don't like that they are risking other peoples lives, when they are "driving". I like people who wanna race, and do it on tracks, there's a lot more safety about that, therefore a thumb up for the racing tracks, which makes non-racers try out the track with their own cars.

sorry for the hateful post, but let me know some of your traffic experiences..

- Archi signing off


  1. I couldn't agree more. Some people really need to have their Drivers License removed.

  2. I didn't realize people could fail so badly. Lol, can you post some vids of extreme street racing or something?

  3. I heard that a river flows over that tunnel and that in cold winter days, some water that gets in the tunnel freezes and you know the rest..

  4. well @just me. I could, but i suggest you find them yourself, there's a lot of them on youtube. and yeah i've seen crazy street racing, bot on the streets and on youtube.

  5. Old people should have a licensing check every 2 years or so. Too many terrible drivers out there!

  6. Just imagine what would happen if we had flying cars

  7. America invented the flying cars years ago, but think about if women would be flying around :P

    - joking :D