Oct 30, 2010


I was bored, and suddenly my mind came across something that I had completely forgotten about. When i was a child i played a game... that game were Lemmings. I like Lemmings a lot, it's just one of those games that i can play over and over again. And! you could always do the opposite of what you are supposed to do. Here I'm talking about finding the most fun way to kill the lemmings, instead of taking them "home".

So for those who's too young to remember lemming, or just never knew about it. here's a video of the xmas lemmings, since all the stores are beginning to make everything ready for christmas :D..

Archi signing off, to get something to eat.
have a nice weekend guys and chicks :D

Oct 28, 2010

Video again

i find this really funny, mostly because it's totally random :D

Oct 27, 2010

A video.

Okay, so what's been going on, on youtube recently? Why does everything have to get Autotuned? News, cute little kids, sketch videos includes autotuning etc etc.

Personally i don't really listen that much to autotuned things on youtube. but one song i like is a news song. so here it is :D

A short post today i know. Sorry about that
- Archi

Oct 26, 2010

Minecraft in tha house!

Well i haven't playing minecraft a lot. I've helped my brother with this, and he had a server running for a little time, just for fun. As some of you guys know, I'm in a development team, called the blackfox. And recently we started a minecraft server. I'm not into minecraft, and i don't really understand why it has gone so popular. I see minecraft as a game i could only waste a few hours on, and not use like 20 hours, just to build a pacman sculpture or whatever. so this is kinda for the debate i've made this post, because i would like to hear, why people is so addicted to minecraft?

Enough about minecraft right now, off we go for a video, and today i've chosen the 8bit trip to share. Speaking about minecraft reminded me about people who used a lot of time playing with blocks, therefore my mind began thinking of the 8bit trip - over 1500 hours was used to create this video, and therefore it's nearly minecraft :D

Oct 25, 2010

Blogging about blogs :)

Well i kinda fell like, my blog is taking shapes. I've had a fine start, and now it's time to make some decisions! therefore i would like some of you to help me out. I haven't really found an overall theme for my blog post, and until now it has just been some random thing from my everyday life.

I would like to ask you people about, what you think my blog should be about :D
i kinda thought i would try to post a movie in every blog post i'm going to make, so any ideas for themes?

heres a video for you, this is a song, and i really find it funny, if you haven't seen this, you should watch it to the complete end of the video, else there's nothing funny about it.

- Archi

Oct 24, 2010

Sunday messenger doom!

Now that it's sunday, it's soon monday, therefore it means study :P. anyway just random text.

Todays post will be about the well known MSN Messenger or aka Windows Live Messenger. They've updated it recently, and i have been trying the new msn out for some days now, and i really must say, I'm impressed!

I'm impressed that they can make it that bad, when it have been soooo good! I've used MSN Messenger for a loooong time now, and first I've was like "oh my god, they're just making it better and better". Then they made the fantastic windows live messenger, and then it all got blown up! I haven't really likes messenger since. Now when you got groups for your contacts you got to hit that little > to make it collapse or not collapsed, and it's really irritating me, that it has to be that way. Another thing that they have done is to remove the thing that tells how many contacts is online in a particular group, and therefore you have to open all your groups to see who's online. that's not good, and makes me angry every time i use  messenger.

Anyway here's something to laugh at for once :)

Archi is signing off once again

Oct 23, 2010


Weekends are good! i really like weekends. it's time for relaxing, watching TV or whatever you like, and most of all i like, that it's time for having social contact :P I like spending time with friends, sitting down drinking a beer or something, makes me forget about everyday life, and what i'll have to do in the next week of studying or in my home. Weekends are often great because of the fact, that you can sleep a lot xD i really need sleep sometime :)

Shot blog today - i know, but let me hear what you are doing in the weekends. maybe i can get some great things to do next weekend, from some of you guys comments :)

have a nice weekend everyone :)
- Archi

Oct 22, 2010

Traffic maniacs!!!

Well first off, let's just say i'm a little pissed right now, and i know this post will be kinda hateful, but please let me apologize from the start.

First off there's different types of traffic maniacs. first i wanna tell you about the old people! Some of the old people who's driving in the traffic, is just way dangerous, because they can't seem to hear or see. When an old man or woman comes up to an intersection, and just begins to drive, without noticing other cars, and the other people will have a heart attack because that there is a car just in front of them, which wasn't there before. I really don't like when this happens! I've experienced this a lot of times, when I'm driving. It have nothing against old people, but sometimes, they need to wake up, and see what's going on.

another type of traffic maniacs is people who got way bigger engines that they are supposed to have! or just drives without any thinking at all... look at these guys for example!

Big engine guys example:

of cause there are a lot of great drivers out there, i just don't like that they are risking other peoples lives, when they are "driving". I like people who wanna race, and do it on tracks, there's a lot more safety about that, therefore a thumb up for the racing tracks, which makes non-racers try out the track with their own cars.

sorry for the hateful post, but let me know some of your traffic experiences..

- Archi signing off

Oct 21, 2010


Well i would like to know, if you people like facebook or not? you know you can leave a comment to answer this question.

I would like to answer that very question my self. I'm nearly addicted to facebook, because I'm usually pretty bored when i look around the internet, but on the other hand i also kinda hate facebook. I will write some of the up- and downsides I think facebook got.

on the upside there of cause is the fact that you are able to follow your friends everyday life. I especially like, that i can follow people, that lives far away from me. I can keep contacted and updated about what my friends are doing, also people i rarely sees anymore. Recently I found out, that a friend of mine, that I haven't seen for a year or so, got pregnant and married - of cause i used facebook, to congratulate her :). Another thing about facebook is, how easy it is, to find out things about people xD.

On the downsides there of cause are all those f***ing invites about people would like me to join farmville, pet society or another flashgame, which only content is, to click your mouse button. I hate that i can get 10+ invites within 2 hours or so... All those invites makes me kinda wanna leave facebook. (actually i've changed my mail for facebook, to a mail address that i use for spam, because many of my friends get a lot of viruses, and they send stupid mails and so.)

Now let me hear about your opinions about facebook looking forward to read comments :)

Archi signing off (for now at least)

Oct 20, 2010


I've been listening to some music today, and i found an song, that I actually forgot all about. I remember hearing it in the spring this year, in a movie or a TV series (at least i think it's where i've heard it :D) But now i just can't seem to find out, in which movie or TV series i've heard the song. so if anyone can help me find out, then i would be very pleased!.

the song is Crazy - Ray LaMontagne.

Oct 19, 2010

Changed blog site.

Well of we go, for a new way of blogging!.

i decided to change my blog from my own site, to this. I found this much easier to blog with, and therefore i will just link to this page, from my original blog. This gives me some trouble though. all my old post will be deleted, but don't feel sad! i've saved the old post, and i will find a smart way, to solve it.

off for now
- Archi