Jul 21, 2011

Summer Holidays.

About a month ago i got a job. I started in the examn weeks. It didn't take long before i realized that i would get a lot of things to do, examns, job, taking care of the apartment, stuff like that. And really, i've had no time for the fun i would like to do within the summer, and to make it all better, the steam summer camp sale got my bank account to scream for money :P

About 2 weeks ago, a rainfall in copenhagen ruined our webhosting company's servers, so we have had some problems. Our forum is still messed up, but either the hosting company will try to fix it, else i'm must do it myself.

So what are you people gonna do for the summer? Are you going to travel somewhere or just relax at home?

Mar 20, 2011

Weekend crazyness.

Actually I'm just kind off bored this evening. I'm just sitting at my computer, listening to music. In some way I just needed it. Lately I've been having a lot of studying to do, lots of things to write, and stuff like that.

So all in all I'm pretty busy these days, and I'm really tired all the time. In some ways i just like to sit relaxing, and think that I actually have some time for it, but on the other hand, i know there's always some more i can do these days... I'm just looking forward to the time, where i will be able to sit down and really relax..

A thing that have really helped me relax, was 2 things my friend showed me on the Internet. The web pages are some rain effects playing for really long time, combined with Jazz. It's really nice and comfortable.

Mar 17, 2011

MESSENGER reaches Mercury

To kick this off, i would like to start saying, that I've always liked space a lot. I've been interested in the stars and the things out there since i was a little kid... Although my dream have never been to be an astronaut I like observing things in the night sky.

So I saw on my way home on the bus, that MESSENGER had reached Mercury. After traveling since 2006, the NASA's MESSENGER have begun it's breaking down, to get into Mercury's orbit (don't know if this is the right way to say it).

Mar 15, 2011

Dream of Californication

Well... I've been watching Californication (the showtime series) season 4 lately, and i must say, it's one of the only series that i really enjoy seeing. At some points i like seeing hank kind of f*** himself up. Really on one hand i would like the series to stop here, it's long enough and i feel like it could be here where the series stops, but on the other hand i just want to see more of it!. Anyway i like a lot of the music in the series too, and here you get a taste of it.

Mar 12, 2011


Well as i wrote yesterday, my day today would be study-day. And for once I've actually studied really much of the day. I've been reading a book called Computer Systems - a programmers perspective.. this is not some kind of suggested reading or something, I'm just telling you all what my day went with. So pretty much a very "boring" day.

Right now, I'm considering to look into PHP scripting, to learn the language, because of my web page. I'm not good a making web pages at all, and therefore I'm considering to learn PHP.

So my question of the day would properly be - "does anyone know some good tutorials for PHP"?

So my blog kinda died..

Anyway.. Even if my blog died, i will try to start it up once again. Right now it's kinda late where i live, and I'm a bit tired. I'm just sitting here writing while i drink i beer before I'm off to bed.

What I've been doing today is just boring, nothing to write about.

I promise i will write a blog topic tomorrow, when i get up.. Most of the day I'll be studying, so as if i know myself right i will use a lot of my time on the Internet, and not that much time reading book, as I was supposed to. So you'll properly see a blog topic tomorrow