Nov 22, 2010

Funny video

Well since it's kinda late, and i haven't found a good topic, you'll just get a video of a cat... by the way - i really like cats.

- Archi.

Nov 18, 2010

Racing makes people aggressive?

Well i play a lot of simracing (simulated racing) or did (as i don't have that much time anymore). Anyway i've played a lot of sim racing, and i really like it. I have a racing wheel + pedals for computer, and it's really fun to drive around, especially when you play it online.

When i drive, i surely concentrate a lot, and nothing can disturb me, when i'm driving, everything you need to have in mind!!! where's the other cars on the track, is there anyone behind me, shall i break hard or shall i be careful? which gear am I an, where on the track am i? When shall i change gear, shall i turn hard or soft... and a lot more.

Some time ago i read, that it isn't games like GTA or CoD which makes people violent. It should be racing game, like for instance sim racing games, but i think i can find a lot of people, who can tell i'm not a violent person at all :D

to show you what sim racing is, here's a video clip. Notice it's not me who's driving in this video, but the video is captured in GTR2, which i play too. so have fun and enjoy.

- Archi

Nov 15, 2010

So Car's don't need insurance!

Well lately i've been around some blogs, and i really can't seem to figure out, why everyone is writing about car insurance! i've seen tons of blogs about personal insurance, health insurance, car insurance and so on.

So what's up with this? Can anyone tell me?

so todays video:

- Archi.

Nov 12, 2010


so what's up? what are you going to do this weekend?

i'm totally gonna get some sleep, i'm really tired today, because i had a friend visiting me yesterday. another thing i'm going to do is to get some beers with my friends from university. It's friday, which means the bar at the university is open, and ready for serving some beers :). Else i think i'm going to be at home getting things done :). cleaning my bedroom and wash some cloth i think... very boring weekend i know :P

here's a song for you guys :)

Nov 10, 2010

Engines can be used wisely!

I like cars a lot, and my favorite car is american in all it's way! A big V8 engine is really attracting i think. just the sound of it, and the power! i really love V8 engines a lot. another thing is, that my favorite car has a unique back, it's totally flat, and the rear window. As some of you might have guessed, my favorite car is a Corvette! the C6 is simply beautiful in my opinion!

here's another thing, that you can use V8 engines for :D

So my question for the day must be, which is your favorite car?.

- Archi

Nov 9, 2010

Shooting makes you show off your ass!

Well as for the christmas post, i didn't get many comments for my question, therefore i will just make a post about a new topic. but i decided that i will post either a christmas song or a christmas video, every day in december :).

So today the blog will be about How to train your dragon! It's a movie that i really like, and it just got released on DVD. I kinda went to the cinema to watch it because of the fact, that they've used above 4 hours on every picture in the movie. And a normal cinema machine runs with 24 frames per second / pictures per second. So a lot of time where used on the movie, and i wanted to see what it was like. So i went to the cinema, and watched the movie, and i liked it, and after that i saw it like 4 times i think - in the cinema.

have you seen how to train your dragon? and what do you think about it?

So here's todays video:

- Archi

Nov 7, 2010

christmas farting madness!!!

Well. I've have had a bit of a busy weekend. But here we go, a new post for the people.

Today it's about christmas. I'm really looking forward to christmas, and i really can't wait for it anymore, but i keep on telling myself, that it's still to early. Since i've been a kid I've really liked christmas a lot, not because of all the presents, not because of the religious things, but because christmas is the time, where people becomes happy, it's the one time of year, when everything is about speeding time with the people you like, spending time with family, time to drink some beers with your friends, and the time where people becomes kind to each other, and therefore i really like christmas... Of cause there are some downsides as well. You have to go out and buy presents - which i hate, because of all the people in the stores and so. But all in all i really like christmas. And i like christmas because then it would be new year sort after :).

so tell me... do you people like christmas. I think i would make a follow up post for this one, where i would discuss some of the comments :) and again, a little video for you guys.

Nov 3, 2010


Sorry for not posting anything today and yesterday, i've had some busy days, and my mind haven't come across anything interesting to write about anyway. But well i just came across this video, i know it's gone viral, and some of you might have seen it before, but still i find it really funny.

so please enjoy

- Archi.

Nov 1, 2010

Audiosurfing in the goo world.

Well i've been playing audiosurf for a while now, and it's really a game that i can suggest, basically it lets you "ride your music" it analyze the music record you choose, and then it generates a track from it, then you have a character and need to pick up colored blocks.
When i heard of this game i was convinced that it were based on totally randomness, but it isn't. It generates the same track, every time you choose the same music record, and really it's actually fun to play. So here's a little video.

Another game that i like (and first tried today) is World of goo. I've seen people play this game, but hasn't really played it myself, before today. And i like that game a lot, mostly because it's a puzzle game :) and i like games where you have to use your mind a little (just like i really like portal, and looking forward to portal 2).

To say bai today i wanna say HAPPY MONDAY!! :P.

- Archi