Nov 7, 2010

christmas farting madness!!!

Well. I've have had a bit of a busy weekend. But here we go, a new post for the people.

Today it's about christmas. I'm really looking forward to christmas, and i really can't wait for it anymore, but i keep on telling myself, that it's still to early. Since i've been a kid I've really liked christmas a lot, not because of all the presents, not because of the religious things, but because christmas is the time, where people becomes happy, it's the one time of year, when everything is about speeding time with the people you like, spending time with family, time to drink some beers with your friends, and the time where people becomes kind to each other, and therefore i really like christmas... Of cause there are some downsides as well. You have to go out and buy presents - which i hate, because of all the people in the stores and so. But all in all i really like christmas. And i like christmas because then it would be new year sort after :).

so tell me... do you people like christmas. I think i would make a follow up post for this one, where i would discuss some of the comments :) and again, a little video for you guys.