Nov 1, 2010

Audiosurfing in the goo world.

Well i've been playing audiosurf for a while now, and it's really a game that i can suggest, basically it lets you "ride your music" it analyze the music record you choose, and then it generates a track from it, then you have a character and need to pick up colored blocks.
When i heard of this game i was convinced that it were based on totally randomness, but it isn't. It generates the same track, every time you choose the same music record, and really it's actually fun to play. So here's a little video.

Another game that i like (and first tried today) is World of goo. I've seen people play this game, but hasn't really played it myself, before today. And i like that game a lot, mostly because it's a puzzle game :) and i like games where you have to use your mind a little (just like i really like portal, and looking forward to portal 2).

To say bai today i wanna say HAPPY MONDAY!! :P.

- Archi