Oct 25, 2010

Blogging about blogs :)

Well i kinda fell like, my blog is taking shapes. I've had a fine start, and now it's time to make some decisions! therefore i would like some of you to help me out. I haven't really found an overall theme for my blog post, and until now it has just been some random thing from my everyday life.

I would like to ask you people about, what you think my blog should be about :D
i kinda thought i would try to post a movie in every blog post i'm going to make, so any ideas for themes?

heres a video for you, this is a song, and i really find it funny, if you haven't seen this, you should watch it to the complete end of the video, else there's nothing funny about it.

- Archi


  1. love the video :)

  2. Dat man scares me, bra.
    Your personal image is a very good start point.
    You should chnge your title image; uh, about posting films, nice but nothing original.

  3. good vid. Thx for the sup, you got mine.

  4. i would recommend going for a comedic blog: you're really good at it, and have really funny content!

  5. so... you would be reviewing other blogs??

  6. nice vid, made me laugh

    "bunch of old white people dancing" haha