Oct 24, 2010

Sunday messenger doom!

Now that it's sunday, it's soon monday, therefore it means study :P. anyway just random text.

Todays post will be about the well known MSN Messenger or aka Windows Live Messenger. They've updated it recently, and i have been trying the new msn out for some days now, and i really must say, I'm impressed!

I'm impressed that they can make it that bad, when it have been soooo good! I've used MSN Messenger for a loooong time now, and first I've was like "oh my god, they're just making it better and better". Then they made the fantastic windows live messenger, and then it all got blown up! I haven't really likes messenger since. Now when you got groups for your contacts you got to hit that little > to make it collapse or not collapsed, and it's really irritating me, that it has to be that way. Another thing that they have done is to remove the thing that tells how many contacts is online in a particular group, and therefore you have to open all your groups to see who's online. that's not good, and makes me angry every time i use  messenger.

Anyway here's something to laugh at for once :)

Archi is signing off once again


  1. You don't have to hit the little >, you can just click the group name. I think it's good, keeps the list clean.
    And the text that shows how many people are online is still there :/

    But then again I have the 2009 one, maybe there's a new one already.

  2. yeah Ben, I'm talking about the totally new one - the Microsoft Windows live essentials update ;) it's way different than the older once..

    a + side is that they have used to fine animations, but they removed most of the things i like, and i don't really like that.

  3. Yep, messenger have become much worse than it was before.

    Laughed at the video

  4. haha oh em gee this is hilarious!

  5. gah, that's too bad the updates aren't to your liking

    updates are supposed to improve upon a product!

  6. the mexican music is the best in that video!!